Week 7 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

Time flies and we’re already half way of the semester. Week 7 it is. Back on track, we were required to make a video clip as part of our assignment. Groups assigned and my teammates are Ekin, Aika and Shira. To make things easier, our team name is FASA; taken from our name first letter. We sat down and discussed on what our video genre would be and we have chosen ‘friendship’ as the main idea. For had to to a agreement to entitle the video as ‘The Reminiscence’. Concurrently, Kak Ana reminds us to get ready with the draft of our storyboard. The storyboard serves as guidelines for us to keep on track and adding anything that are relevant to the story so that we won’t go astray from our topic. We were required to present the storyboard towards the whole class to give them the idea of what’s the story is mainly about without revealing much information.Kak Ana reminded also to create a blog using WordPress and a Facebook account for each group. So that the progress done can be tracked by them.


Week 6 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

For this reflection, I’ll be sharing 2 things which are the before the day we went to Penang and the day we’re in Penang. Dr Rossenin was absent during our class before we went to Penang so Kak Ana took over the class and briefed us a bit about what we’re going to do in Penang. During the class, I was invited to do a little talk or tutorial on how to operate Digital Single Lens Reflex which was a handful for me to learn when I got my hands on it for the first time. Basically what I taught was the ‘Three Kings’ in DSLR which are the aperture (the opening of diaphragm), shutter speed (duration how long the aperture opens-close) and lastly ISO (ISO is the level of sensitivity of your camera to available light). Luckily Mimie brought along her DSLR camera to class so I was able to demonstrate a little tips and tricks to the class.

I could see they are baffled when I started to flick and turn switches and dials on the camera. I did the same expression when I first learnt how to operate DSLR. It was quite tricky at first but after playing along for some time, it becomes easier. What I did in class was showing them how different combinations of the ‘Three Kings’ will do on the processed image. Too big aperture, you’ll get focused but dark images, too slow shutter will produce over exposed image as well as flares and set the ISO too high, you’ll get ‘noisy’ image. It is a matter where you get the right combination for the right shot. Well basically, different photographers have different ways of how to express their image produced so I put the creativity on them to decide.

10417773_743797985673463_9140163817372329971_n 10712981_743798055673456_7706523947671273491_n

We departed from UKM around 11PM together with Dr Rosseni and his son, Kak Ana, Kak Aieda and Kak Wani. We took a stop at the R&R Sungai Perak for a moment to refresh ourselves. After 6 hours of journey, we reached Masjid Negeri Pulau Pinang at 5.00am (18th October 2014) and prayed Subuh here


These are several pictures that I took along the journey in Penang.

1012285_882081131816536_1376634491136140196_n 1621854_882084208482895_5346711387732269031_n 1925322_882082378483078_8146200746716794584_n 10603584_882084411816208_2197584404674648080_n 10702098_882081285149854_2908686861428141466_n

And around 8:00PM we headed back to UKM since we had another trip to Melaka the next day so we had to race against time. I think that’s all for now. It was worth standing under the hot sun for sun pictures.

Week 5 Reflection for GGGE 2153 Educational Technology

It is week 5 and Dr Rosseni is back to teach us in class. It has been two weeks since she was away. We were told that she could not make it to the Penang trip since she has to be in Terengganu for a course. The purpose that we will be going to Penang is to train and practice the methods of photography and cinematography that we have learnt in class to the test. Before we go there, she asked us to make a storyboard of what we’re going to make for our video. The purpose of the storyboard is to make sure we’re on track as well as whether the story is suitable for her approval.

I have discussed with my fellow groupmates Ekin and Shira and we decided to make a simple clip on theme about ‘friendship’. The techniques that we’re going to use are flashbacks, narrations and others. We’re looking forward for the video process. 🙂

Week 4 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

It’s week 4 of lesson week and Hari Raya Aidiladha is just around the corner. It was very thoughtful of Dr Rosseni for giving a day off advance. For those whose hometown is far away, they could benefit the most out of this opportunity. Some even return home on Friday morning. In return, she gave us a task replacement. Dr. Rosseni uploaded four different pictures taken with different techniques and we were required to discuss how the shot was taken. After extensive research, I managed to answered and fill in the blanks in the comment section with my ideas based on my reading and experiences.

As for me, I take photos for leisure and my focus mainly revolves around panoramic instead of portrait or sports. In future, I would like to put my hands on wild life photography just like those professional photographers that works for National Geographic, Animal Planets etc.

These are several pics that I have taken recently. 1011709_10201201679153439_173342290_n 1897682_883536528337663_3682542819046061193_n 1910590_882845678406748_6979282324869432021_n 10404466_892596654098317_410367140802321677_n 10462574_882082185149764_4826646874630038475_n 10636157_883536561670993_7032594901162640109_n 10710684_872829552741694_4691399308994471730_n

Week 3 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

For the third week class, Dr Rosseni couldn’t be with us to teach. Despite the bad news, Miss Aidah and Kak Ana took her place for the day. The smiles on their faces gave a good impression towards all of us. As the lecture content has been uploaded yet, Miss Aidah carried the class wonderfully. We can see her effort to teach us which more less seemed like ‘how-to-be-a-teacher class’. She applied two way conversations between teacher and students as well as engaging class into ‘Question and Answer’ session. In order to ensure effective learning atmosphere, a teacher should not be carried away with her teaching by disregarding the students’ understanding first. All in all, week 3 is all about ‘Research in education’

Education research is a field of inquiry aimed at advancing knowledge of education and learning processes and development of the tools and methods necessary to support this endeavor. Education researchers aim to describe, understand, and explain how learning takes place throughout the life cycle and how formal and informal processes of education affect learning, attainment, and the capacity to lead productive lives. Scholarship in this arena is undertaken at the individual, situational, institutional, and social structural levels of analysis. The unifying purpose for education research is to build cumulative and sound knowledge about human and social process of fundamental significance to individuals, to groups, and to the larger society.

Afterwards, we were shown several video clips to give us general ideas on how to make our project video. Clips such as action which involves a lot of movement into video clips that only revolves around static subject that requires a narrator. That’s what I could recall from the class.

I stumbled upon this video after doing some research on how to make video like a professional 

Week 2 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

It was a bittersweet day for all of us because we were anticipating a lesson for the day at the computer lab located at the top floor of the Islam Hadhari buiding but the class had to canceled due to overlapping of lab usage. Nonetheless, the sweet part was we were given Cloud 9 and sweets to enlighten things up. Even though the class was canceled, Dr. Rosseni gave a video which was about NeSH V5 exercise.

Basically the video shows us several exercise moves to warm up before proceeding with other rigorous activities. But that’s only the fun part of the task, the real task is about the difference between close, medium and long range photography/cinematography. This is a good practice as well as information for us because the following coming task will require us to take pictures and videos shots. All in all, it gives a clear picture on how to make the ‘production level’ photography/cinematography even for beginners like us.

Newbie 🙂

Week1 Reflection for GE2153 Educational Technology

I always have this excited feeling whenever I see the word ‘technology’ being used as part of my course title. It gives me the overview ideas of what I’m going to learn throughout the entire course. Growing up in a family whose destined to be quite tech savvy, influenced me to be part of one even though it’s hard to catch up with rapid technology progress. The ambiance of the class was great although everybody seemed to point out to me on every single thing that the lecturer said. I take it as a compliment not a curse and occasionally help my colleagues if they need assistant regarding I.T related stuff. But every single time I had the opportunity to explain to them what’s what, they’ll dozed off and their eyes start to look around like I’m talking gibberish. In the end, I’m looking forward in-depth studies for this course. With the guidance and help that I can get, hopefully I’ll do well in this course.