Week 12 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

It’s already week 12 and this is the week that we have to publish our video production to the group. All the effort from my team and I have been placed in this short film. We traveled together, we share thoughts and this is our masterpiece. Hopefully Dr. Rosseni and fellow facilitators are anticipating patiently our class videos. Before that, this is our first product…

I have uploaded my FB group video production on December 5th but unfortunately Dr. Rosseni were busy perhaps, didn’t notice that the video has been uploaded and she has been tagged in the video to notify her.


Therefore, I had to uploaded it again in the Video Production UKM 4 FB group on the next day. Luckily this time around Dr. Rosseni did realized the video and she responded to the video as well. Nevertheless, she gave positive criticism on how to improve our video because our main problem was the video is too long. In future we decided to trimmed it down more. 🙂


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