Week 10 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

On this week activity, we were required to present our first rough sketch of our video production. A little miscommunication occur that we were unable to present our draft properly. Instead of playing the trailer of our video like the rest of the groups, we played several video clips that haven’t been edited yet. Nevertheless, Dr Rosseni gave positive feedbacks on our effort. On the Friday (28/11/2014),  the class was canceled and we had the chance for a little trip to Port Dickson to finish some scenes there and then Putrajaya for the climax of our video. The sun was shining bright in Port Dickson and recording went smoothly but scenario rather different in Putrajaya as it was raining heavily and we were unable to proceed with our recording for nearly 3 hours. When the rain started to slow down, we continued filming and the result was good for me. The rest of the video will be posted in FB very soon 🙂



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