Week 8 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

For this week around, it’s all about finalizing our storyboard after making the draft in the previous week. Dr Rosseni would like to hear all groups’ storyboard pitching in 3 minutes to show progress of our work. To make things easier, she even provided us with mahjong paper, plasticine clay, marker pens and etc. Due to sickness, I was absent for the class and I had to follow up with the rest of my team and knowing what are their progress. Gladly, they did well even without me around. Making a video from sketch is not an easy task as I had experienced before many times in indie production and assignments. Director has to be alert, aware and omniscient with the story line. He or she has to decide and pull the shots on how to scene should be taken. From cinematography to shooting sites have to be planned precisely.

Our shooting sites have been set to Port Dickson and around UKM compound which is convenient for everybody to start working on it.



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