Week 7 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

Time flies and we’re already half way of the semester. Week 7 it is. Back on track, we were required to make a video clip as part of our assignment. Groups assigned and my teammates are Ekin, Aika and Shira. To make things easier, our team name is FASA; taken from our name first letter. We sat down and discussed on what our video genre would be and we have chosen ‘friendship’ as the main idea. For had to to a agreement to entitle the video as ‘The Reminiscence’. Concurrently, Kak Ana reminds us to get ready with the draft of our storyboard. The storyboard serves as guidelines for us to keep on track and adding anything that are relevant to the story so that we won’t go astray from our topic. We were required to present the storyboard towards the whole class to give them the idea of what’s the story is mainly about without revealing much information.Kak Ana reminded also to create a blog using WordPress and a Facebook account for each group. So that the progress done can be tracked by them.


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