Week 6 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

For this reflection, I’ll be sharing 2 things which are the before the day we went to Penang and the day we’re in Penang. Dr Rossenin was absent during our class before we went to Penang so Kak Ana took over the class and briefed us a bit about what we’re going to do in Penang. During the class, I was invited to do a little talk or tutorial on how to operate Digital Single Lens Reflex which was a handful for me to learn when I got my hands on it for the first time. Basically what I taught was the ‘Three Kings’ in DSLR which are the aperture (the opening of diaphragm), shutter speed (duration how long the aperture opens-close) and lastly ISO (ISO is the level of sensitivity of your camera to available light). Luckily Mimie brought along her DSLR camera to class so I was able to demonstrate a little tips and tricks to the class.

I could see they are baffled when I started to flick and turn switches and dials on the camera. I did the same expression when I first learnt how to operate DSLR. It was quite tricky at first but after playing along for some time, it becomes easier. What I did in class was showing them how different combinations of the ‘Three Kings’ will do on the processed image. Too big aperture, you’ll get focused but dark images, too slow shutter will produce over exposed image as well as flares and set the ISO too high, you’ll get ‘noisy’ image. It is a matter where you get the right combination for the right shot. Well basically, different photographers have different ways of how to express their image produced so I put the creativity on them to decide.

10417773_743797985673463_9140163817372329971_n 10712981_743798055673456_7706523947671273491_n

We departed from UKM around 11PMĀ together with Dr Rosseni and his son, Kak Ana, Kak Aieda and Kak Wani. We took a stop at the R&R Sungai Perak for a moment to refresh ourselves. After 6 hours of journey, we reached Masjid Negeri Pulau Pinang at 5.00am (18th October 2014) and prayed Subuh here


These are several pictures that I took along the journey in Penang.

1012285_882081131816536_1376634491136140196_n 1621854_882084208482895_5346711387732269031_n 1925322_882082378483078_8146200746716794584_n 10603584_882084411816208_2197584404674648080_n 10702098_882081285149854_2908686861428141466_n

And around 8:00PM we headed back to UKM since we had another trip to Melaka the next day so we had to race against time. I think that’s all for now. It was worth standing under the hot sun for sun pictures.


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