Week 5 Reflection for GGGE 2153 Educational Technology

It is week 5 and Dr Rosseni is back to teach us in class. It has been two weeks since she was away. We were told that she could not make it to the Penang trip since she has to be in Terengganu for a course. The purpose that we will be going to Penang is to train and practice the methods of photography and cinematography that we have learnt in class to the test. Before we go there, she asked us to make a storyboard of what we’re going to make for our video. The purpose of the storyboard is to make sure we’re on track as well as whether the story is suitable for her approval.

I have discussed with my fellow groupmates Ekin and Shira and we decided to make a simple clip on theme about ‘friendship’. The techniques that we’re going to use are flashbacks, narrations and others. We’re looking forward for the video process. 🙂


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