Week 4 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

It’s week 4 of lesson week and Hari Raya Aidiladha is just around the corner. It was very thoughtful of Dr Rosseni for giving a day off advance. For those whose hometown is far away, they could benefit the most out of this opportunity. Some even return home on Friday morning. In return, she gave us a task replacement. Dr. Rosseni uploaded four different pictures taken with different techniques and we were required to discuss how the shot was taken. After extensive research, I managed to answered and fill in the blanks in the comment section with my ideas based on my reading and experiences.

As for me, I take photos for leisure and my focus mainly revolves around panoramic instead of portrait or sports. In future, I would like to put my hands on wild life photography just like those professional photographers that works for National Geographic, Animal Planets etc.

These are several pics that I have taken recently. 1011709_10201201679153439_173342290_n 1897682_883536528337663_3682542819046061193_n 1910590_882845678406748_6979282324869432021_n 10404466_892596654098317_410367140802321677_n 10462574_882082185149764_4826646874630038475_n 10636157_883536561670993_7032594901162640109_n 10710684_872829552741694_4691399308994471730_n


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