Week 2 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

It was a bittersweet day for all of us because we were anticipating a lesson for the day at the computer lab located at the top floor of the Islam Hadhari buiding but the class had to canceled due to overlapping of lab usage. Nonetheless, the sweet part was we were given Cloud 9 and sweets to enlighten things up. Even though the class was canceled, Dr. Rosseni gave a video which was about NeSH V5 exercise.

Basically the video shows us several exercise moves to warm up before proceeding with other rigorous activities. But that’s only the fun part of the task, the real task is about the difference between close, medium and long range photography/cinematography. This is a good practice as well as information for us because the following coming task will require us to take pictures and videos shots. All in all, it gives a clear picture on how to make the ‘production level’ photography/cinematography even for beginners like us.

Newbie 🙂


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