Week1 Reflection for GE2153 Educational Technology

I always have this excited feeling whenever I see the word ‘technology’ being used as part of my course title. It gives me the overview ideas of what I’m going to learn throughout the entire course. Growing up in a family whose destined to be quite tech savvy, influenced me to be part of one even though it’s hard to catch up with rapid technology progress. The ambiance of the class was great although everybody seemed to point out to me on every single thing that the lecturer said. I take it as a compliment not a curse and occasionally help my colleagues if they need assistant regarding I.T related stuff. But every single time I had the opportunity to explain to them what’s what, they’ll dozed off and their eyes start to look around like I’m talking gibberish. In the end, I’m looking forward in-depth studies for this course. With the guidance and help that I can get, hopefully I’ll do well in this course.


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