Week 14 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

The day has come. Tired,exhausted,sleepy everything was done to make sure the event flows smoothly. I was in charged for the montage clips, backdrops etc. The program started at 9.00 AM. It began with storyboard and poster pitching, explaining our storyboard and posters reason and followed by video presentation. The judges involved was Dr. Rosseni herself accompanied by Dr. Maslawati Mohamad and fellow facilitators

10696258_763090367059804_8067351294318440433_n This is my group presentation and this is our video:

In the end my group won the 4th place which for me was not as important as the values that we learnt along the way. I would like to thank my group mates for their full cooperation in making this video a reality and great job to all my colleagues who had tried their best to ensure the flow of the program. Kudos!


Week 13 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

For this week, Dr. Rosseni gave us the opportunity to improvise and remake our videos based on her comments. As for sure, other groups are doing the same as well. As for my team, we decided to make editing on the December 9th because it is the only time that we have to make editing together.

13 We took nearly 2 and a half hours to edit our video. The initial video that we produced was 19:37 in duration was trimmed to 14:33 because we removed several unnecessary frames and for the following week will be the Edutechnovation Day for us where we will present the video to the whole class 😀

Week 12 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

It’s already week 12 and this is the week that we have to publish our video production to the group. All the effort from my team and I have been placed in this short film. We traveled together, we share thoughts and this is our masterpiece. Hopefully Dr. Rosseni and fellow facilitators are anticipating patiently our class videos. Before that, this is our first product…

I have uploaded my FB group video production on December 5th but unfortunately Dr. Rosseni were busy perhaps, didn’t notice that the video has been uploaded and she has been tagged in the video to notify her.


Therefore, I had to uploaded it again in the Video Production UKM 4 FB group on the next day. Luckily this time around Dr. Rosseni did realized the video and she responded to the video as well. Nevertheless, she gave positive criticism on how to improve our video because our main problem was the video is too long. In future we decided to trimmed it down more. 🙂

Week 11 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

And yes, it is already week 11. We’re about to end this semester soon. How time flies so fast before our very eyes. This morning, we were finishing several scenes around UKM to complete our storyboard and then we are done for it. Next, it will be editing process. Several place that we have chosen were architecture (GSB) rooftop building, FPI’s fountain and lastly, IRIS. As the editor, this will be another challenging part as every scenes have to be correct and mistakes must be minimized.

Let the editing commence!

Let the editing commence!

Week 10 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

On this week activity, we were required to present our first rough sketch of our video production. A little miscommunication occur that we were unable to present our draft properly. Instead of playing the trailer of our video like the rest of the groups, we played several video clips that haven’t been edited yet. Nevertheless, Dr Rosseni gave positive feedbacks on our effort. On the Friday (28/11/2014),  the class was canceled and we had the chance for a little trip to Port Dickson to finish some scenes there and then Putrajaya for the climax of our video. The sun was shining bright in Port Dickson and recording went smoothly but scenario rather different in Putrajaya as it was raining heavily and we were unable to proceed with our recording for nearly 3 hours. When the rain started to slow down, we continued filming and the result was good for me. The rest of the video will be posted in FB very soon 🙂


Week 9 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

There wasn’t any class on Friday the 14th so my team and I decided to start to shooting several frames from our storyboard and shoot as many scenes as possible, making use of the time that we had. According to the storyboard, we need to shoot in Port Dickson first since it is the first half of our story but due to a lot of time issue among ourselves, we started shooting from the middle of the story then we proceed to the beginning and the end of it. These are several pictures taken by Ekin during our shooting process:

 1533848_758807487490584_1940146118881093008_n 10712699_758807527490580_4390458573912158893_n

Week 8 Reflection for GGGE2153 Educational Technology

For this week around, it’s all about finalizing our storyboard after making the draft in the previous week. Dr Rosseni would like to hear all groups’ storyboard pitching in 3 minutes to show progress of our work. To make things easier, she even provided us with mahjong paper, plasticine clay, marker pens and etc. Due to sickness, I was absent for the class and I had to follow up with the rest of my team and knowing what are their progress. Gladly, they did well even without me around. Making a video from sketch is not an easy task as I had experienced before many times in indie production and assignments. Director has to be alert, aware and omniscient with the story line. He or she has to decide and pull the shots on how to scene should be taken. From cinematography to shooting sites have to be planned precisely.

Our shooting sites have been set to Port Dickson and around UKM compound which is convenient for everybody to start working on it.